Genre: Short WW2 Drama
Tagline: They said our children would be safe in the countryside.
Comparable films: Whistle Down The Wind, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas.

War Lost is a dark, moving and thought provoking short film set in a rural Northumberland village during the Battle of Britain.

An abused 12 year-old evacuee finds solace from her isolated existence by helping an injured German pilot escape England so that he can return home to his dying daughter.

Status: Final Draft.

  • Vaccie! is just wonderful. I was very moved when reading it and could almost see the characters in my mind. You are to be congratulated!”

    Gillian Mawson - Historian and Author specialising in World War II Evacuation
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the story and I think the characterisation is very good and interesting.”

    Ed Barratt – Hook Pictures

The Infectious Imagination Of Henry Bramble

Genre: Family Fantasy Feature Film
Tagline: When imagination is lost, there's only one boy who can get it back
Comparable films: Chronicles of Narnia, Up, The Wizard Of Oz

The Infectious Imagination Of Henry Bramble is a touching, magical film for all the family. It is a wonderfully imaginative story with a universal message reminding us of the power of imagination.

When Henry Bramble's father is seriously injured abroad, the 10 year-old boy is forced to stay with his estranged Uncle in a run down country house. Struggling to write a book, his uncle wants nothing to do with the boy and insists he stays in his bedroom at all times.

Inspired by his new surroundings, Henry escapes into a fantasy world that has been drained of imagination. Setting out on a perilous quest to find it, Henry is lured to the Temple of Shadows, where a malevolent demon is storing the imagination to use as fuel to open a portal into the real world. All he needs now is Henry's brain to focus it!

Entrapped, Henry must learn to control his imagination if he is to have any hope of stopping the demon. If he doesn't then his darkest fears will come true and his injured father will die.

Status: 2nd Draft

  • “Well done. It's a really good first draft. I think the beginning and the ending in particular are brilliant.”

    Vicky Jung – Script Editor
  • “You have done an amazing job. Your writing is so clear and you've created a marvellous world for the film. What an achievement!”

    Charlotte Wontner - Producer

The Happiness Thief

Genre: Family Fantasy Feature Film Trilogy
Tagline: He once gave so much joy to the world, but now he wants it all back!
Comparable films: Mary Poppins, A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist.

Emily Goodchilde's happy childhood takes a drastic turn for the worse when her father suffers an untimely death. Struggling to cope with her loss, she inadvertently allows her younger brother to fall victim to a mysterious magican who violently steals the boy's happiness by sucking the golden liquid out of his heart with a magical glass straw. Ridden with guilt Emily must uncover the identity of this horrible thief if she has any hope of getting her brother's happiness back.

The Happiness Thief is the first of a trilogy of films following the adventures of Emily Goodchilde. It explores themes of loss, grief, family, friendship and loyalty.

Status: Fist Draft.

  • “This script shows great imaginative flair”

    Liz Garner – Children's Author and Script Editor

The Terrible Tangles Of Time Travel

Genre: Family Fantasy Television Drama Series
Tagline: If he can change the past, he can fix the future. He just needs a bit more time.
Comparable films: Harold & Maude meets Back To The Future.

Ten year-old Logan Baxter’s world falls apart when his eccentric grandmother unexpectedly dies. But in her will she leaves him a magical time-travelling clock. Realizing he has the chance to prevent her untimely death, he travels back in time to save her, but all he seems to do is make things worse. If he is to have any chance of a future, he must learn to let go of the past and overcome his grief.

Status: First Draft Pilot.


The Truth About Father Christmas

Genre: Family Fantasy Feature Film
Tagline: When you discover the truth, what left is out there?
Comparable films: Matilda, James & The Giant Peach.

Lily's Grandfather maintains her belief in Father Christmas by disguising himself as the jolly elf every Christmas Eve. But when he unexpectedly dies just twelve days before Christmas, Lily is forced to spend a gluttonous, materialistic Christmas with her cruel dysfunctional family instead. Intent on making her life a misery, her wretched family tease and taunt her, relishing the fact she is about to discover the truth about Father Christmas ...unfortunately for them, the truth is about to become more incredible than anyone could have possibly imagined!

Status: Developing Outline.



Genre: Feature-length Thriller
Tagline: There's a killer in all of us.
Comparable films: Memento, The Fugitive, The Vanishing.

Gary, wakes up on an island in the middle of marshland, next to the dead battered body of Sarah, a local girl. All the evidence suggests that she was murdered and raped but despite not being able to remember anything, he refuses to believe he is capable of such a crime and flees the scene.

But when he discovers the police are already looking for her, he is forced to cover up the evidence in a desperate attempt to buy time, recall his fragmented memory and figure out what really happened.

Meanwhile the police investigation begin to uncover a series of disturbing revelations that lead to the shocking identity of her killer, but by then it is too late. Gary is already face-to-face with them and is about to discover what HE is truly capable of.

Status: Completed - Rights available.

  • “Absolutely loved it! It was intelligently written and I genuinely thought it was terrific!”

    Richard Holmes – Producer
  • “This is a very well written, even exceptionally well written screenplay. It works extremely well”

    Kate Leys - Script Editor

The Unrest

Genre: Feature-length Psychological Thriller
Tagline: Some secrets really do come back to haunt you.
Comparable films: The Machinist, Dead Man's Shoes, The Orphanage.

When Luchi follows the girl he secretly adores, he witnesses her accidental killing by a teenage gang, who force him to dispose of her body to guarantee his silence. But as the investigation into her disappearance escalates, Luchi struggles to maintain his sanity, suffering from a series of unexplainable events that convince him the girl has returned from the dead to seek revenge.

When he attempts to warn the gang, they think he's gone mad and deliver a violent attack on him as a desperate attempt to keep his mouth shut. Little do they know they will all be dead by the end of the week.

The Unrest is a psychological thriller set within a ‘real life’ world more associated with social dramas. It deals with themes of obsession, guilt and the fear of loosing your mind. It invites audiences to question that, if reality is subjective, who can say what is real and what is not?

Status: Developing Outline.


Bête Noire

Genre: Feature-length Action Thriller
Tagline: They had it coming to them!
Comparable films: First Blood, Breakdown, Deliverance, The Wickerman.

A British girl goes missing in a small town, deep within the forests of the Ardennes, but the local police's botched enquiry find little evidence. Angry and frustrated, her older brother Jake (a soldier on leave in Germany) turns up unexpectedly to undertake his own investigations, but the locals do not respond kindly to his aggressive approach and after a violent altercation he is arrested by the police.

Abusive and uncooperative, Jake gets himself deeper into trouble only to discover they are not driving him to a police station, but are taking him deeper into the remote forest to kill him.

Using all his wits, Jake miraculously escapes his execution, taking cover in the inhospitable Ardennes forest. The police quickly deploy a huge man hunt, desperate to cover their tracks, but Jake has been trained to survive in such wilderness and avoids capture long enough to uncover the shocking truth behind his sister's disappearance.

With corrupt police and town-folk closing in fast, Jake will have to use every ounce of cunning to outwit them and take his violent revenge.

Status: Developing Outline.