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Beautiful, magical, emotional filmmaking with an edge of darkness.

Delfilm was set up by award-winning filmmaker Derek Boyes to develop his slate of film and television projects.

Derek is passionate about telling imaginative stories that unite our shared humanity. He loves to share knowledge, inspire others and encourage creative collaboration. This website keeps you up-to-date with all of his filmmaking antics, as well as housing an extensive archive of his work-to-date, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes content.





What a festival run! - Sitges, LA Shorts, LA Int Children's FF and CineMagic with wins at Ramsgate, Folkestone, Wild Indie, Children's IFF of Wales and FantaSci, including Best Fantasy, Best Family Film, Best Story, Best Of The Festival, Best UK Short and Best Actor Archie Lyndhurst! Congratulations to the cast and crew. We finally got there and what a result! Huge thanks to all the festivals 'infected' by our short.





I've been procrastinating over what short to make next. I have three I'm keen to get out there. One is a remake of the first 16mm film I ever worked on - a beautifully imagined time-travel black comedy, the other a psychological ghost story about the guilt of killing and the last idea is an ambitious WWII short about a 12 year-old evacuee who helps a crashed German pilot. This year I must decide!?


Henry Bramble


Having turned 50, I'm certainly no spring chicken trying to get my foot in the door. I have more than enough skill, experience and talent, but ironically far fewer opportunities. A career directing feature films seems far more unlikely now, than it did twenty years ago, but even though I'll never officially close that door, I must be realistic and plan for how best to leave my storytelling legacy.


"I'm a Derek
...and Derek's don't run!"

"Peter Jackson - Bad Taste (1987)

Who Am I?

I am a writer/director who graduated in 2004 from the National Film and Television School with the spellbinding fantasy short, The Happiness Thief. The film premiered in competition at Cannes that same year and went on to play at film festivals across the globe. I have since directed a variety of shorts for Screen South, the BBC and the Bfi while developing a slate of imaginative feature films. My first screenplay Blackout, a gritty micro-budget thriller, was optioned by Ipso Facto Films in 2009 after it beat over two hundred feature projects to the final of The Big Pitch scheme.

In 2011 I stepped back from the industry to become a proud father, but continued to expand my developing slate. By 2016 I was getting increasingly frustrated at not being able to make more films and decided to pool my limited resources to make an award-winning guerrilla style iPhone short thriller. The renewed confidence I gained from this experience led me to broaden my skills during lockdown, to complete the thwarted vfx work on my long awaited, Bfi/Screen South funded short - The Infectious Imagination of Henry Bramble. I'm now looking forward to developing this as a feature and making my next short.

What Others Say

  • “Derek was a pleasure to work with. He had a great original script, wonderfully imaginative ideas and real clarity about what he wanted to achieve - so it was a really enjoyable experience.”

    Sara Deane
  • "Charming and fun to be around, Derek is an incredibly talented individual with that enviable blend of creativity and diligence. His impressive filmography is evidence of his skill as a filmmaker."

    Ed Barratt
  • "Derek cares about sound and has some great ideas. He is also very good at getting the best out of limited resources and is good at directing child actors, which is a rare skill."

    Ian MacBeth
    Sound Designer
  • "Derek is an extremely talented and personable director. His professionalism and knowledge is highly valuable to any producer. I have loved working with Derek and highly recommend him."

    Annabel Bates
  • "Derek was an enthusiastic and hard working writing partner. Full of ideas, he helped the project move forward and I appreciate the time spent working with him."

    Ian Dowson
  • "Derek brought a number of students out of their shells. It was a fantastic opportunity for young people to engage with a member of the profession"

    Tom Misenti
    Director of Learning - BACA
  • "Derek has a naturally engaging personality, which students immediately warm to. He is able to use his experience to enthuse and encourage youngsters to produce work of excellent quality."

    Moira-Jayne Watts
    Assistant Head Teacher
  • "Derek's energy and good humour along with his dedication to a project made him, in my experience, a great person to work with."

    Jake Corbett

Workshops & Masterclasses

Open and honest access to my filmmaking skills, experience and knowledge

Having had no professional guidance when I was younger I am keen to share my knowledge to help other aspiring filmmakers of all ages and backgrounds.

If you think you may be interested in using my skills and experience to help others, then please do get in touch.

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